the rustic girl: an outfit & a poem














Sweater/ Forever 21 Crop Turtle Tank/ Forever 21 Hat/ Forever 21 similar Booties/ Forever 21 Bag/ Forever 21 similar Necklace/ Swallow’s Heart Pants/ Target Jacket/ Old Navy similar

I took these pics a few weeks back & am currently cringing at the fact that I am just showing them to you all now. The outfit & turnout was too good to keep from you guys for so long. But there here & all’ wen revealed & you are white welcome my dear followers. Indulge in this perfect look that is known as, the rustic girl.

She’s someone I aspire to be; adventurous, courageous, all daring, all the time. She’s someone I am not. That girl that looks so cool with no effort at all. That girl who takes a picture of the forest with some artsy quote & no one makes fun of her view. The girl who poses & seems timeless. The girl who lets fun come naturally to her. Someone who dares to try new things. Someone who doesn’t run in the opposite direction of conflict, but instead sticks around to see how everything will turn out. She’s the dreamer & believer. The seeker & doer. The lover & justice fighter. The laugher & not afraid of tears cryer. The one of beauty & of trust. She’s not me, she’s just someone I dress up like & pretend to see.

— abbey kay


golden girl

Spoiler: this post is just another post like the rest. Ya know, where I ramble on about my favorite thing about some outfit & tell you why it’s so awesome. But guys! This one is different because this outfit really is awesome! And I did the shoot somewhere that wasn’t my house! I know, I’m proud of myself too. So awesomeness & high fives all around. But why was this was so cool?? I’d say the pants, or it could be the gold headband. Or maybe the fact that I wore a crop top that revealed like an inch-ish of my mid body that would normally be forbidden on a girl of my size but I said who cares & did it anyway! Or maybe it was just the colors that made me swoon… Either way, I loved yesterday’s outfit & would have even worn it to bed if I could have. I know I say I love my outfit just about every single day & I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about it. But I think that it’s something to acknowledge. Because when I say I love my outfit today, what I’m also saying is that I’m choosing to love my body today as well. I’m not gonna waste time & focus on the things that I hate about my figure. Then get sad because I can’t wear this or that or fit into this anymore. I’m gonna pick out an outfit that I feel confident in & choose to love myself while rockin it up & down Main Street. You should be proud of the body you have even if it’s not “perfect”. It’s yours to own, so own it big or small.













Top; F21 Pants; Ross Flats; F21 Headband; Monroe & Harlow

I don’t think my city has a “Main Street” just to clarify. But the closest thing to it would be the street that has all our casinos on it. Yay Reno!

— abbey kay>